PxTrack Version 3 New and Improved Features

Published on by Xenia Labis

The PxTrack Patient Tracking System is an electronic medical records software that helps streamline work processes and improve staff efficiency in the healthcare industry. As such, PxTrack continues to develop its systems and operations to guarantee that client needs and requirements are addressed. In this article, we will introduce PxTrack version 3, the latest version of said EMR software, and the new and upgraded features that go with it.

Types of Systems for PxTrack Version 3

One of PxTrack’s aims is to help medical professionals and their healthcare staff organize, store, and access patient records and information more efficiently. Thus, for this particular version, users can now choose among three types of systems to integrate into their operations:

1. Single Facility – Single Doctor

2. Single Facility – Multiple Doctors

3. Multiple Facilities – Multiple Doctors (per facility)

So, for Pxtrack version 3, users with multiple facilities can now manage data better because each facility would get its own data storage. With this, medical professionals and healthcare staff reduce the possibility of mix-ups and confusion significantly.

PxTrack Version 3 New and Improved Features

Check out the new and improved features of the PxTrack Patient Tracking system below:

1. Medical Hotspots

This new feature allows medical practitioners to create a heatmap through the electronic medical records system. Whenever a patient consults with the medical facility, the PxTrack user can tag that patient’s illness. Then, that patient’s address will be recorded on the heatmap, which would make for easier tracking of illnesses in an area or region.

PxTrack Version 3 New and Improved Features Medical Hotspot Heatmap Dashboard
PxTrack version 3 Medical Hotspot (Heatmap) Dashboard

With this created heatmap, medical doctors or their healthcare staff can use filters, such as the type of illness, region, province, city/municipality, barangay, and more. In doing so, the facility gets a more accurate tracking and monitoring of illnesses in the area.

PxTrack Version 3 New and Improved Features Medical Hotspot Heatmap Filters
PxTrack version 3 Medical Hotspot (Heatmap) Filters

2. Telemedicine

The emergence of video conferencing has opened new doors for patient consultation. Now, users of the PxTrack version 3 can already hold patient consultations online. Users can now set video calls with their patients through the Facebook Messenger feature. With this feature, patients will no longer have to head physically to the medical facility for their scheduled appointment unless necessary.

3. Clinic Management

The PxTrack version 3 also improved its clinic management features. Users can now trace patient billing through HMO to determine patients who have already processed their payments. The feature is also capable of producing the patient’s breakdown of payments. Moreover, PxTrack also improved its clinic management by providing users the capability to schedule recurring appointments (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) on their calendars.

4. Reports Generation and Advanced Search Options

PxTrack version 3 can generate a Contact Tracing Report, which is extremely useful when massive outbreaks occur. Additionally, through this latest version of the electronic patient records software, users can also create customized Consent Forms. With PxTrack’s improved features, users can now perform advanced searches on the database by applying a specific date range. With this, users get to narrow down the search when looking for patients and their respective information.

5. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly System

In the previous version of PxTrack, everything on the system was too small when viewed through mobile devices, especially those with small resolutions or small screens. As a result, users have to zoom in and keep on scrolling to view data. However, in PxTrack version 3, we have already built a responsive system, thereby allowing the system to adapt to the device’s screen resolution or size. Users will no longer have a hard time accessing patient information through any device.

6. Security and Access-Level Management

In compliance with RA 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012, PxTrack version 3 makes sure that patient information is encrypted. Each user can also enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an added layer of protection. Aside from that, doctors can also control access-level management, which ensures that healthcare staff, such as their secretaries, can only access the files and information they need to perform their functions. PxTrack is also equipped with user-action logs, which trace all the activities done by users on the system.

7. Backup and Restore

Because Pxtrack is a cloud-based electronic patient records software, it can backup and restore records and information. These allow users to backup patient records and information on the cloud. The feature would be handy if unexpected situations arise, leading to the loss of patient records and information.

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