What the PxTrack EMR Software Company Has to Offer

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When searching for an EMR software company in the Philippines, remember to keep these three simple criteria in mind: security, accessibility, and flexibility. By bearing in mind all of these three characteristics, the PxTrack EMR software proves to be one of the most effective electronic medical records software in the country today.

Security, Accessibility, Flexibility

An electronic medical records software should be secure because it deals with patient records and other confidential information. Thus, EMR software should be able to comply with data privacy standards with regards to data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Additionally, EMR software should provide its users with 24/7 access to records and information wherever they may be. Lastly, EMR software should be smart, flexible, and responsive enough to any devices that people use these days, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

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PxTrack EMR Software Benefits

The PxTrack EMR software aids medical doctors, and other health care professionals keep track of each of their patient’s records across all their clinics. The EMR software does so by storing all information in one online, secure, and centralized system that is designed with every medical professional’s needs in mind.

The EMR software is also available for OB GYN doctors. Click here to discover what an EMR software company can do for you!

Below, we have listed the primary benefits that you can acquire after employing the PxTrack EMR software into your workflow.

1. Monitor Patients

Through the PxTrack EMR software, medical practitioners can record patient information and their consultation details. The EMR software is also capable of scheduling future appointments.

2. Generate Reports

The EMR software can also provide health care workers with summaries of their patients’ consultation sessions and exams and laboratory tests. It can also provide its users with a summary of their patients’ billing and payment information.

3. Allow Ease of Use

One of the essential characteristics of PxTrack is its ease in navigating. With an Internet connection, you can access the EMR software anytime and anywhere. More than that, its users can also readily print records with a click of a button.

PxTrack EMR Software Features

PxTrack is a cloud-based system from an EMR software company that you can access whenever and wherever, as long as you are connected to the Internet. It is equipped with an advanced search feature which makes it easier for users to retrieve patient information. A significant improvement from manually browsing through piles of paper.

When searching for the best electronic medical records software, there are many EMR software must-have features that you should check first. Below, we have listed down the features that make PxTrack one of the leading EMR software company in the country:

  • Consultation Management
  • Patient Records Management
  • E-Ready Documents
  • Clinic Management
  • Security and Privacy Compliance
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Health care providers should invest in employing EMR software that allows interoperability and sharing of data in the workplace. With the PxTrack app from an EMR software company in the Philippines at your aid, not only can you reduce employee workload, but you can also increase work efficiency!