Single Doctor
For Individual Practitioner


Additional Users



  • 1 Doctor
  • 1 Other User

Everything you get in single doctor

  • Appointments, Payments and Clinical Notes
  • Patient Management
  • Data Privacy Compliant

For single clinic and teams


Additional Users



  • 2 Doctors
  • 2 Other Users

Everything in single doctor plus

  • Doctor Profiling

For larger clinics and teams


Additional Users



  • 4 Doctors
  • 4 Other Users

Everything you get in single doctor

  • Multiple Clinic Management
  • White Labelling Allowed

Enterprise Premium
For Multi-Branch with Larger Teams

Do you have a custom requests for your clinic needs? Like:

  • Custom Number of Doctor Accounts
  • Custom Number of Other User Accounts
  • Custom Features
  • Custom reports and printing layouts

Frequently Asked Questions
Learn More About Pxtrack

What is PxTrack?

PxTrack is an accessible, flexible, and secure application that helps medical doctors store patient records in one place. With internet connectivity, it allows you to access your records during your rounds or when you work from clinic to clinic.

What is the hardware required for this system?

There is no hardware requirement for the system as it is a browser-based application and does not need to be installed on any hardware device.

Is this online?

Yes. PxTrack is a cloud-based application. Thus, accessing the app will require an internet connection.

Can this be used even offline or with no internet connection?

Unfortunately, no. Since it is a cloud-based application, it requires an internet connection for the user to access the system.

How secure is the system?

Since we understand the need to secure sensitive and confidential patient data, we have secured PxTrack with these features:

  1. Data Encryption. Encrypts sensitive data to ensure they are not directly readable through the database.
  2. Back-Up and Restore. The system also has a database backup feature that you can download and save on an external drive.
  3. Two-Factor Authentication. The system also has a two-factor authentication (2FA) feature controlled by the doctor’s user account to avoid unauthorized access to the system.
  4. System Lock. To ensure that data is protected even before saving it to the system, the system will lock the user when idle for specified seconds or minutes.
  5. Scheduled Login. This feature controls non-admin users to access the system during non-authorized periods. Admin can set the time frame for each non-user to access the system.
  6. Pxtrack is compliant to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173).
I am reporting to several clinics every day. Can I consolidate the data of all clinics using the same system?

Yes. PxTrack helps medical doctors track each of their patient’s records across all their clinics. It consolidates consultation records of your patient, even if the patient has visited you in different clinics.

Can Secretaries and Nurses use PxTrack?

Yes. Doctors can create a user account for secretaries and nurses and even set restrictions on what their user accounts can do.

Can the patient access the system?

No. PxTrack is a doctor-centric application. Only the subscribed doctor and his/her assistant with a user account can access the system.

Can I set appointments with my patients?

Yes, the system is equipped with a module that allows users to create or set up appointments with a patient and set up follow-up appointments. You can monitor your appointments, and even events through the calendar found in the dashboard.

Can I issue prescriptions to my patients with this?

Yes. You can create medical prescriptions for patients upon consultation on the system.

What forms can you generate in the system?

The system is capable of generating prescriptions, medical certificates, carried order forms, and consultation forms.

Does it work with mobile phones or tablets?

Yes. It does work with mobile phones or tablets, but we don’t encourage our users to use it since its design has a lot of fields to accommodate consultation data. It would be a bit of a hassle for the user to zoom in and out of the screen to fill in the consultation details.

How much is the PxTrack subscription?

You may check the pricing here:

Is there any other fee that might be charged?

Additional charges may apply if the size of the database of your account will exceed the size of the plan that you have subscribed to.

What are the other features of PxTrack?

  1. Dashboard. It has a dashboard of a calendar to quickly view scheduled patient appointments, events, and patients with estimated dates of confinement.
  2. Heatmap. This feature allows users to view the density of different illnesses by location.
  3. Teleconsult. It has a feature that allows doctors to communicate with patients thru Facebook messenger.
What are the different versions of PxTrack?

PxTrack’s latest version is compatible with the following clinic setup:

  1. Single Doctor Clinic
  2. Multiple Doctors, Single Clinic
  3. Multiple Doctors, Multiple Clinic