Why Filipino Psychiatrists and Psychologists Need EMRs

Published on by Xenia Labis

Electronic Medical Records are used to keep track of patient data in hospitals and clinics across the world. However, adoption rates are slower in some areas than in others. Still, this doesn’t discount the benefits of an EMR System, which can become a necessity for a more improved, efficient practice. Filipino Psychiatrists and Psychologists, too, can take advantage of an EMR’s advantages.

The Coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected people worldwide, including Filipinos, especially economically. However, in 2020, the Department of Health stated that at least 3.6 million people in the country are affected by “one kind of mental, neurological, and substance use disorder.”

Filipinos need professional mental health care because health does not stop at a physical level. For every 100,000 Filipinos, there are 0.41 psychiatrists to cater to them. But, an Electronic Medical Records System can make a Filipino Psychiatrist or Psychologist’s workload easier to handle.

EMR Systems can ensure that a mental health professional’s records will be as consistent as possible to provide better patient care and engagement.

Electronic Medical Records Systems for Psychiatry

An Electronic Medical Records System can be described as digital documentation of a clinic or medical institution’s practice. These can include prescriptions, medical certificates, and consent forms for general practitioners. Additionally, some systems even provide patient portals and streamline billing.

EMR Systems can document and store data about a clinic’s patients. So when it comes to behavioral health EMR Systems, you might find session notes, medical histories, and other patient data. 

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75.2% of psychiatrists utilize an EMR or Electronic Health Record System for their practice. However, there are still a few barriers to system adoption, including patient Data Privacy. In addition, Filipino Psychologists and Psychiatrists must also choose the right EMR Software or System for their practice.

It’s not recommended to check a list of factors before selecting an EMR System. Instead, clinics must consider affordability, Data Privacy and Protection measures, etc. 

Also, some Electronic Medical Records Systems are better tailored for Physicians and Psychologists than others. Once a clinic finds the perfect software or system, it’ll soon see efficiency increases while requiring less effort.

Why Filipino Psychiatrists and Psychologists Need EMR Systems

Improves Patient Care

Mental health care can require continuous treatment, so people must be eager to put in the effort. With the right system, staff can ensure patient satisfaction, which results in the patient continuing their treatment. 

Also, an EMR System gives Psychiatrists and Psychologists the information needed to make better mental health care decisions. The system builds up a record of a recurring patient’s progress starting from their first visit. In addition, staff can see a patient’s current medications, assessments, and other necessary clinic documents. As a result, clinic staff and professionals can learn about a patient at a glance, especially before consultations. 

Lastly, you won’t have to worry about patients’ mental health care continuity if they don’t visit your clinic for a while.

Keeps Patient Records Organized, Legible, and Accessible

Mental health professionals have to track a lot of paperwork, but EMR Systems can make searching for information more accessible. For example, clinicians and professionals need to access client records and progress notes to provide better patient care. In addition, clinic staff can create legible medical documents like prescriptions and medical certificates

Because of the system’s capabilities, all staff need to do is type information into the provided fields and click on suitable options to add patient data to a document. As a result, clinicians won’t worry about illegible or unclear documentation — thus, they can confidently make medical decisions. Also, staff can scan paper forms or results and upload digital copies to the system as backups.

Then, you can count on the system to store patient data and keep it organized. Thus, EMR users should be able to find information in a few clicks!

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Assists with Scheduling

An EMR comes bundled with a calendar or scheduling system staff can use to boost their clinic’s efficiency. Naturally, this feature works best when partnered with a patient portal so people can select a time slot that works for them. 

The system may also send reminders to patients about their upcoming appointments, so they can confirm whether they’ll be present or not.

Thus, Filipino Psychiatrists and Psychologists can become more productive, as this feature can also help staff manage appointments. So if patients can’t attend their office appointments, the team may open the clinic for walk-ins or prepare for the next patient. In addition, the EMR can also help you schedule staff meetings and seminars!

Improves Medical Billing

The system makes medical billing easier for clinic staff. Firstly, clinic staff can create receipts or invoices for sessions. If necessary, they can even create superbills or batch invoicing for patients. Then, an EMR can streamline the billing process for patients who use insurance to pay for their mental health care. 

After all, staff won’t have to scour the office for the paperwork necessary to process billing. In addition, staff can check on pending invoices and collect payments. Patients can even pay for care via credit card.

Lastly, since the EMR can help your clinic with administrative tasks, you can also count on it to report on billing.

Keeps Patient Data Secure

Electronic Medical Records will ensure that your physical documents won’t be lost to disasters or the elements. Unfortunately, there are Data Privacy concerns for digital records. But, the top-quality systems are sure to have excellent security features. 

So, staff can provide patient data via a secure portal, allowing people to be more proactive in their care. Thus, clinics can let people safely take control of their mental health care without sacrificing confidentiality.

Clinics should ensure that their EMR System complies with Data Privacy policies. Thus, they should have advanced security measures to protect sensitive patient data. These can include user authentication and data encryption. You should also consider getting a system that sends security alerts that tell you who accessed a patient’s records.

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Create Templates for Sessions

EMRs provide templates for your counseling sessions. Some EMRs geared towards mental health care have pre-built templates. But, Filipino Psychiatrists and Psychologists can create templates for the following documents:
• assessments;
• progress notes;
• treatment plans;
• contact notes, etc.

You can even create templates for other crucial documents necessary for your practice. Also, the system can notify Psychiatrists and Psychologists about notes that need approval. In addition, it can inform you of missing notes for particular sessions. Plus, you can electronically sign forms or notes with the EMR.

Providers Can Offer Customer Support

There are currently several validated EMRs for Hospital use in the Philippines. Indeed, there are more validated systems today than before the pandemic.

However, customer support is critical for any software or system, and the right EMR Providers will always be there to assist you. Clinics should search for providers with 24/7 system support. Assistance is critical for learning a new system in particular. Certain providers can also offer tutorials, guides, or walkthroughs to help users.

Allows Patients to Access their Medical Information

Client or patient portals can be vital to better health care, especially on the patient’s side. First, patients can submit, review, and modify their data via the portal. In addition, patients can make medication requests, especially refills. Also, a patient portal can allow people to schedule clinic visits.

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Additionally, the portal can allow patients to confirm appointments or cancel them, even if they don’t make a call to the clinic. It can even let you provide teletherapy to patients!

Assists with Medical Prescriptions (for Psychiatrists)

EMRs can benefit pharmacies, and they can undoubtedly provide medications. For example, an EMR for mental health care can help clinics prescribe patient medicines. But, first, a clinic can provide medication that doesn’t conflict with a patient’s current treatment. The system can also monitor patient medication intake.

In addition, your clinic can print out legible prescription forms. Then, they can go to the right pharmacy to pick up the prepared prescription on the patient’s side. This saves people time that would otherwise be spent going to many pharmacies to get their prescribed meds.

Reduces Clinic Operational Costs

Though purchasing an EMR System can cost money, you will find that it saves your clinic money over time. As you use the system, you lessen administrative costs. In addition, clinic operational costs aren’t restricted to just money — EMRs can optimize productivity too. For instance, some clinic studies “reported time savings of 60%.”

If your clinic uses a system for the first time, there’s a bit of a learning curve. However, automating your regular tasks and creating legible forms can significantly improve your practice’s efficiency. 

Overall, your clinic’s workflow becomes more streamlined, and you savage more money as a result. Also, the system will reduce costs that would otherwise go into duplicate testing, uncoordinated care, etc. 

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Final Thoughts

There are plenty of EMR Systems that help clinic staff manage and grow their practice. This is excellent news for many healthcare professionals, as they have a variety of system providers to choose from. 

Filipino Psychologists and Psychiatrists can benefit from EMR Software that assists them in their duties. However, it’s also necessary for them to utilize dynamic software that can fit the intensity of their practice. 

So, mental health care clinics will appreciate EMRs that offer customizable templates for taking notes on their patients. This allows them to monitor a patient’s care progress after appointments or sessions. 

So if you’re a Filipino Psychologist or Psychiatrist who isn’t yet using an EMR, you should consider one for your clinic. EMR Providers in the Philippines can offer the right system for a clinic’s practice.