Adding an Event
Adding an Appointment
Deleting Appointments and Events
Adding an Event
  • First, click on the “Dashboard” button on the left menu of the patient tracker.
  • Next, in order to add an event, select the “Event” button on the upper right corner of the calendar.
  • Fill in the fields presented in the “Add Event” popup dialog box. For example, you can input “OBGYN Conference” as the “Event Title”.


Take note that you need to fill in fields with a red asterisk beside them like “Date and Time”. Moreover, when you first add the event, PxTrack labels it with a “Pending” status by default. You may click to edit it as either “Completed” or “Cancelled” later on.

Adding an Appointment
  • Similar to adding events, first click on the “Dashboard” button on PxTrack’s side menu.
  • simply click on the “Appointment” button on the upper right corner.
  • Then, input the appointment’s details in their corresponding fields.
  • If you’re accommodating new patients, input their names into the “Patient” field and click on the “Walk-in Patient” box above it.
  • On the other hand, simply click on the dropdown box beside the “Patient” field and select a registered name.
  • Next, click the “Save” button on the lower right corner of the dialog window.
  • Finally, click the “OK” button from the dialog box that pops up and click on the “Close” button beside “Save”.
Deleting Appointments and Events
  • Select the event or appointment you want to delete from your Dashboard's calendar. For your reference, appointments listed in the application are colored blue while events are green.
  • Next, click on the “Delete” button on the lower right corner of the popup window.
  • Then, click on “Yes” to confirm the deletion. 
  • You will be notified that the record is deleted via a system message. Click on the “OK” button.