A Collaborative Software for Pharmacies and Healthcare Centers

Published on by Xenia Labis

In the medical industry, there is one crucial partner and collaborator with hospitals, doctors, clinics, health centres, and diagnostic centers – the pharmaceutical companies. After all, to whom do doctors and clinics go when they need prescription medications and supplies for their patients and their business? However, it isn’t just about business nor acquiring all the medicine they need for their practice. More than that, it’s about providing proper healthcare to patients for their recovery. Hence, there is a need for an EMR system that is collaborative with a pharmacy company or brands.

pharmacy EMR software collaboration

With this in mind, it is PxTrack’s goal to provide easy collaboration for pharmaceutical brands with hospitals, clinics, health centers and diagnostic centers. Thus, we have improved our EMR software. This is through the integration of new features that pharmaceutical brands can present and recommend to their partner doctors and clinics.

Here, we list the benefits of our EMR system and pharmacy collaboration :

1. Prescription Upon Diagnosis

The new PxTrack now has a feature that allows doctors to diagnose a patient’s condition based on a set category. After selecting that diagnosis from the categories, a list of all related medications and prescriptions will appear. This gives the doctor, the attending physician or healthcare provider the options on what medication is best to prescribe. Moreover, this helps provide patients with options, as well, in case a certain medication does not work for them or causes side effects.

2. Patient Medication History Recording

Pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies know that some medications are not meant to be taken together. Additionally, some medications must only be taken after days they previously took another treatment. With an EMR system that records all patient info, including their diagnoses and prescriptions, the attending physician can examine the medication history of the patient. This would avoid complications such as overdosing and giving different medications together. Moreover, doctors would be able to track how many doses they prescribed. Such would allow them to know after follow-up check-ups if the medication and dose worked for the patient.

3. Improved Communication

As we mentioned earlier, the patient should be the priority of both the healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical companies. Aside from organizing and streamlining records on the EMR system, it improves communication between the healthcare providers, their patients, and their partner pharmacies or brands because the healthcare providers will already be provided with the list of medication options they can give to their patient. Of course, these medications would be from the partner pharmacy or pharmaceutical brand. As such, all sides can achieve improvement of the management of medications and proper prioritization of patients.

4. Quick and Effective Record Viewing and Updating

Everday, hospitals, clinics, and centers are busy attending to multiple patients. Due to this, there may be times when attending physicians or even pharmacies have a hard time sorting and updating records. This is especially the case with paper-based medical records. With a system, they can easily trace, find and update whatever information they need with ease.

PxTrack: Your Pharmacy and EMR Collaboration

All in all, it is a must for both healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to work together to provide effective and efficient patient care. If you are a pharmaceutical brand and want to improve your collaboration with healthcare providers through electronic medical records software, choose PxTrack! Our software also allows you to re-skin the platform based on your branding and design. Not only that, it can be accessed 24/7 – as long as you have an internet connection. Check us out today and learn more about our EMR system and have it recommended to your partner healthcare providers!