How to Overcome EMR Challenges

Published on by Xenia Labis

Recently, Electronic Medical Records have proven instrumental in various healthcare practices. In 2019, the National Electronic Health Records Survey found that almost 90% of physicians used an EMR (or EHR) system. The software is incredibly beneficial as it automates many routine processes of a Clinic. It also comes with the added benefit of keeping digital records rather than paper ones. However, Electronic Medical Records come with their own challenges, such as integration or implementation. Learn more about the best ways to overcome EMR challenges! We’ve compiled the most common ones here.

Challenges in using EMRs and how to overcome them

While an EMR ensures that your Clinic keeps track of patients, it’s “much more than a ‘word-processed’ patient chart.” A dedicated software handle a business’ time-consuming routine processes. So, Electronic Medical Records Software can give you plenty of time to deal with the things that matter.

overcome emr challenges

So while a System can record medical information and prepare medical prescriptions, EMR usage still has its challenges. Some of them include budget and security protocols. Read on to find the most common EMR Challenges and how you can get past them!

Common EMR challenges and ways to overcome each:

# 1: Cost Considerations

EMRs may be costly, and one has to maintain the system. Also, it takes time and resources to switch from paper to EMR systems.

The Solution:

An EMR System is an asset to your organization as it gives value to patient care and takes care of the security considerations in managing patient records. Plus, EMRs are offered as a service, so software maintenance is done by support. The many advantages of an EMR will also outweigh the cost of implementation. Once your staff gets accustomed to a new way of patient records management, they can focus more on patient care, making your practice more efficient and manageable! 

challenges of electronic medical records

You can get the perfect EMR Software for your budget with enough investigation. So, consider:

  • the size of your Clinic and the number of your staff;
  • how many patients you’re catering to; and
  • EMR solutions that are within your budget.

# 2: Implementing security following data privacy protocols

Manually going through old records is a huge hassle, and sometimes memory can’t help you find misplaced paper records. So Data Security is crucial because you’re dealing with sensitive patient information. 

The Solution:

Your patients trust your Clinic with records containing sensitive information. Not only that, but medical staff have access to those records with the correct logins. Since you’re tasked with protecting and keeping track of medical and personal data, you need to be prepared. So to overcome this EMR Implementation Challenge, you need to address security concerns. 

emr integration challenges

Thus, if you want to use your EMRs according to Data Privacy Laws, it’s crucial to:

  • Understand clinic security loopholes;
  • Use a trusted video or calling platform for teleconferences and teleconsultations;
  • Give access and management duties to one secretary; and
  • Use point authentication codes to verify logins; and
  • Make sure that your software provider is compliant with Data Privacy Laws and follows globally accepted standards in Information Security. 

# 3: Staff training

Clinic staff have to master the System to reap its benefits fully. In addition, “each EMR vendor implements its own unique format,” so there may not be as many similarities from one System to another.

The Solution:

Your staff may already be contending with a significant workload. The last thing you want is to get the entire Clinic overwhelmed by the System and want to interact with it even less. So, you must designate a handful of staff to learn EMR inside and out. Then, these people can teach the Clinic to handle the EMR. You may ask if the EMR Software devs can provide the training.

challenges of emr implementation

# 4: Speed of work

While EMR Software can streamline your healthcare practice, your staff may not encode data as fast. Or at least, they might not be as speedy as expected while they’re getting used to the System.

The Solution:

Data entry takes a significant amount of time, so you need to get an EMR system that allows automation.

So, the perfect EMR System for your Clinic is one that automatically generates forms and has patient scheduling management. For example, it should have templates for prescriptions, laboratory results, etc., all ready to be filled out! These are all vital in recording patient information.

overcome emr challenges

Make the most out of your EMR software!

Electronic Medical Records make Administrative Staff’s work easier. They record medical information for patients, provide laboratory results, and come prepared with prescriptions!

However, implementing an EMR comes with various challenges your Clinic must overcome, including integration challenges. Even if your Clinic is only shifting to another software provider, there will still be a learning curve. After all, no two Records Systems are the same. In addition to staff training for mastery over the EMR and data entry speed, you must account for software cost and security measures. There may be other challenges to overcome. But you can count on Electronic Medical Records in the Philippines to provide solutions.